What We Do

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Before any public or private space can exist physically, they are first constructed in an affective domain. Consider these memories is as a way to recognize and validate the people that relate to the space. They are the space’s creators and, therefore, are responsible for its existence in the physical world.

When a community, organization, public institution, or company calls Acupuntura Urbana to develop a project, they are calling upon us to evaluate, value, and connect the most important and living aspect of the individual: the feeling that transforms a space into a place – they are calling upon our power to create memories and feelings towards the place itself.

For this, we use a methodology guided by our three pillars:

Affective Mapping:

We conduct urban baseline studies that promote the recuperation and valorization of the space’s identity. The mapping collects and organizes the existing talents, materials, and natural resources in the community, such as services, public equipments and meeting spaces. The information is then translated visually and artistically into a physical or digital map. The whole process is conducted in a participative and open manner to involve the community members of the area.

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Urban Transform-actions

We impulse transformative processes that connect the community, promoting the mapping of the common dreams for a collective space. We mobilize people and resources to make these dreams a reality in a collaborative, hands-on way that revitalizes the space and creates a new way for people to connect with the city. We propose ways to make these spaces useable and dynamic to strengthen the sense of community and improve the quality of life for the communities surrounding the changed spaces.

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We offer activities that promote a collective consciousness, creativity and care for the city by stimulating interactions and strengthening connections between people. With cooperative games and workshops we use local resources to repurpose everyday objects and trash in a fun and creative manner. We believe in the potential of a collective intelligence to find the best solutions for current problems. Because of this we always work with a wide range of partners in our projects.

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