Our team likes developing new ideas and getting their hands dirty to transform communities in an effective and fun way!

Learn about the women that are part of this team, who guarantee levity and high quality results for our clients and the communities that we work with:



Renata is an architect and urbanist with a degree from Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil. She has participated in different programs and courses focused on social innovation and entrepreneurship, such as Warriors Without Weapons – Elos Institute (2009), Design Thinking – Design Echos (2013), Social management – Sesc (2014) and Enterprise Live – leading change in complex systems – Schumacher College (2018).
With her previous urbanism experience, she has been mobilizing people to lead the transformation of their communities since 2009.
The founder of Acupuntura Urbana, Renata has been working since 2013 coordinating and executing projects around Brazil, in addition to creating proposals that generate positive impact aligned with the needs of her clients.
In 2019 she became a trustee and head of programming of Be The Earth Foundation, a philanthropic initiative that supports environmental conservation and regeneration.



Andréa is an architect and urbanist with a degree from Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil. She has a postgraduate degree in Project Management and Team Leadership in ESPM and did her MBA in Sustainable Project Management in ISC in Paris, France.
After eight years working as an architect and project manager in Brazil, followed by three years focused on sustainability in France, she currently applies her knowledge and experience to building more humane cities.
A part of AU since 2014, she’s responsible for managing the team and the partners, using her relationship skills to build more meaningful relationships.



Mariana is a cultural producer with a degree from São Carlos’ Federal University (UFSCar). She has been a consultant on cultural projects since 2013 and has worked with social and cultural projects focused on innovation for the last ten years. After spending a number of years working in the countryside, she moved to São Paulo, where she gets involved with different themed projects that result in positive impact.
A gift economy fan, she is inspired by different models of organization and management, using collaboration, transparency and empathy as her main guidelines. A part of AU since 2017, she’s responsible for the administration and process management of the projects.

Thais _Brandt


Thais is an architect and urbanist with a degree from the Catholic University of Santos and a postgraduate degree in Architecture, Education and Society from Escola da Cidade University, where she teaches Architecture and Participation.
She joined Warriors Without Weapons in 2007, and since then she has understood her profession as a tool to build the best world we can dream of, working with community mobilization methodologies and collaborative projects in different cities around Brazil.
A part of AU since 2017, she facilitates and coordinates projects on the ground, transforming collective dreams into reality in a light and fun way.