We offer CREATIVE EXPERIENCES AND WORKSHOPS through short actions that share our vision and provide a glimpse into how we transform communities.

They are lectures, trainings, flashmobs, hands-on activities and whatever else our creativity allows!

Don’t know how to start and feel like experimenting a bit of our practices? See some examples below on how you can promote change!

Partnership: Rede Globo, 2016 – São Paulo (SP)

Promoting a Native Trees Planting Day to address environmental education activities and practice in two communities on the outskirts of São Paulo.

The process had 400 directly involved including kids, youth and adults, in addition to the thousands of people impacted by the improvement of their neighborhoods. During the workshops, the groups:
_ planted 193 native trees;
_ planted 570 ornamental plants;
_ made 6 benches out of reused pallets;
_ made 3 graffitis on the walls using the talents of local artists ;
_ installed 10 signs.

Based on the AU Methodology, our team mobilized partners and local institutions to host and join the workshops, learning about native plants, planting, building signs and making recycled furniture.

Partnership: Red Bull Amaphiko, 2015 – São Paulo (SP)

Host a day of interactive urban interventions in the space surrounding of Red Bull’s building in São Paulo, as a part of the Cultural and Social Impact Festival.

There were 80 people directly involved, and thousands of citizens that circulate throughout the region were impacted:
_ a 25m painting on the pedestrian bridge about the iconic building in São Paulo was painted;
_ 4 benches and 2 tables were made out of of reused pallets
_ artistic intervention of a poem on the guardrail of the bridge was done.

We mobilized the municipality and partners to make the artistic interventions and to built the recycled furniture using techniques that enabled people’s interaction.

Partnership: Red Bull Amaphiko and fellows, 2015 – Brazil (SP, RJ, MG, ES, CE)

Proposing hands on activities with the intention of recognizing and valuing the local identity of remote communities. As part of a larger schedule of activities of the Expedition, the workshops happened in 5 different Brazilian states.

More than 300 people between youth and adults were part of:
_ 20 artistic workshops;
_ 6 painted murals;
_ 50 drawings created by the kids;
_ 20 signs that were designed.

Based on the AU Methodology, we encourage the exchange of knowledge of local cultures and talents of different parts of Brazil. The content was systematized as artistic interventions around the communities.

Partnership: Purpose and Engajamundo, 2015 – São Paulo (SP)

Organize an event on Earth Day to bring awareness about climate change through creative and artistic workshops.

With the participation of 200 people, the event offered:
_ 150 artistic posters about climate change that were installed and distributed;
_ a workshop about stenciling on different surfaces;
_ a flash mob and interactive painting in a 5000l water tank that was transformed into a cistern and installed in a cultural center on the outskirts of São Paulo.
_ television coverage that increased the number of people impacted by the message.

Creating an event about an iconic building in São Paulo and offering different artistic activities.

Partnership: Comunidade Vila Beatriz, 2015 – São Paulo (SP)

Address the more than 3 year demand of a region of São Paulo: designing a crosswalk between a park and a square, a space that used to have a lot of accidents and uncomfortable pedestrians.

With the direct participation of 30 people from the region and and indirect impact on thousands of people that are used to crossing that street:
_ 1 crosswalk between the park and the square was designed;
_ an art intervention with a lot of spontaneous media honoring the existing space was held;
_ the municipality intervened by erasing our crosswalk and designing a new one, which actually legitimized pedestrian priority of that space.

Mobilizing the people and material needed and organizing a day-long intervention to design the crosswalk and realize the artistic intervention.