With how many stories is a space made a place? AFFECTION MAPPING creates a cartography of the intangible value of a territory based on the stories of those who live or work there. With a defined perimeter, AU goes around collecting stories told by the residents, finding hidden talents, beauties that are taken for granted or have become invisible in the everyday rushed life of a city.

The map unites elements that invite people to deepen their connections with their neighbours and their local identity. It can also support companies to map specific regions to find challenges and potential, as well as communicate their work in a particular context.

Let’s map communities? Check out some examples of how we can do this together!

Partnership: Sesc Parque Dom Pedro II, 2017 – São Paulo (SP)

Creating a concept and six months programming of affection mapping workshops around a new cultural building in the heart of the center of São Paulo. The result should be systematized and show the collected information on a big interactive map, encouraging the visitors to rethink and reshape their relationship with their surroundings.

Around 120 participated in 10 workshops, and the mapping created generated results aligned with each of the five senses:
_ 40 stories collected and 3 audio recordings installed with local residents’ stories (hearing);
_ 50 pictures of the surroundings (sight);
_ 12 iconic smells identified (smell);
_ 50 drawings made (touch);
_ 1 1 gastronomy guide created (taste).

Programming guided by the 5 senses was created. Each sense had two workshops per month, totalling 10 workshops over the course of 5 months, with results such as a 3x6m map and exhibition of the material developed during the workshops.

Parceria: Magik JC, 2017 – São Paulo (SP)

Mapping the surroundings of Magik’s Social Housing project. Collect, systematize and design the points of cultural, social and historical interest of the region, highlighting the sense of community that can rarely be seen in our daily lives.

_ 40 buildings mapped;
_ 900 copies of the map printed and gifted;
_ map available online for free;
_ connection between people and businesses to strengthen local entrepreneurships.

Over the course of a month the perimeter agreed upon with Magik was mapped. Places and people that make the region unique were sought out. A community gathering was organized so that the locals and visitors could check what had been done thus far and add relevant spots in the neighborhood. As a final result, a visual map was designed and gifted to the community and future residents.

Partnership: IED_Instituto Europeo di Design, 2015 – São Paulo (SP)

Developing a week-long program for the design students, so they would map the street of their school and develop a more sensitive and aware gaze towards the city.

_ 5 days of theoretical and practical activities;
_ 20 students involved;
_ The “Maranhão Sandwich” concept was created by the students and presented to their teachers.

Based on the AU Methodology, a program was created uniting theory and practice to deepen the knowledge about the Maranhão streets and encouraging students to rethink their relationship with the city. The exercise resulted in a final project created by the students.