Our Values


WE ARE HUMANITY – We believe that cities should be constructed by the people that live in them and that a city’s physical space is a white canvass on which we can create humane relationships between people and the space they live in.

WE ARE NETWORK – We believe in the power of creating and collaborating within a network as a way to find the potential for innovation and solutions to overcome everyday challenges. We are the network! We know that we don’t exist alone, and we work with our partners to design proposals that truly connect the demands of the people with the projects that we put in place.

WE ARE DIVERSE – In order for our actions to have a big impact we believe that it’s important to involve many stakeholders: civil society, companies, and the government. Changes can only be long-term when the needs of all of the stakeholders are considered.

WE ARE COMUNITIES – Before being a group, we are individuals. That’s why our actions are people-focused and our solutions come from the beneficiaries’ experiences. We understand community to be a group of people that share a space, identity, origin, or beliefs.

WE ARE TALENTED – We believe in communities that are talented and dedicated to creating a better living environment. We invest in local knowledge and local abilities to find the best solutions.

WE ARE ABUNDANT – To create real changes, from inside-out, it’s necessary not only to see the needs around the city, but also to direct our gaze to find what solutions and resources the community itself can offer and has already available.

WE ARE TRANSFORMERS – We innovate while generating an impact! In a short period of time we are able to strengthen the autonomous culture of communities; we inspire them to map out and look for solutions to their own challenges and to get their hands on to put their dreams of change into action.

WE ARE MOVEMENT – For a significant transformation we believe that we constantly have to challenge, review, and reinvent ourselves. Movement brings better and more creative solutions. And, yes, we realize that we should always make adjustments when necessary!