Our Partners

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The Acupuntura Urbana partners are organized into four areas: Project Partners; Our Network; Clients; Boosters. Click below to learn more about each of them.


Project Partners

Plans and develops, with Acupuntura Urbana, technical solutions such as products or services to the challenge presented by our clients.

Instituto Elos
Building examples of transformation of spaces and relationships from talents, resources and dreams with joy, cooperation and beauty. Creators of Elos philosophy, methodology widely used in our actions.

Movimento Boa Praça
Initiative of a group of residents of the western part of São Paulo in order to revitalize the squares through occupation and improvement of public spaces.

Social platform that connects people and organizations, facilitating engagement in various volunteer opportunities. The strengthening of this network and the mobilization of volunteers extend the impact of organizations and transform people and communities.

Initiative that uses design for the improvement of the city and provides innovative solutions for the enhancement of pedestrians in public spaces.

Conexão Cultural
Organization that promotes access and content in culture through the integration of various art forms: visual arts, artistic occupations in the city, music, cuisine, fashion, circus, literature, photography, film and dance.


The Sindicato das Empresas de Compra, Venda, Locação e Administração de Imóveis de São Paulo (SECOVI) aims to articulate the various sectors involved in urban and real estate development.


Movement of connection between people and activation of urban spaces, organizations, initiatives, ideas, solutions, capabilities and talents. Articulates the various sectors in the search for creative solutions to urban challenges ahead.


O Diretório Acadêmico da Faculdade de Arquitetura Mackenzie (Dafam) aims to encourage university students to take a more critical and participatory approach inside and outside the University of Mackenzie.

Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo Mackenzie

College of architecture and urbanism that, since 1947, instructs more than 500 architects per year.

Virada Sustentável

Sustainability based movement that uses cultural attractions and recreational activities as main tools of education and mobilization, with great power of articulation.

Criança Fala

Project that listens to children and promotes activities through a playful methodology to include their voices and looks into the development and implementation of public policies, architectural projects, educational projects and equipment management.


Engajamundo is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, created by a group of young people concerned about making the participation of Brazilian youth in more effective and inclusive international negotiations.

S.A.S. is a non-governmental organization that aims to combine medicine, entertainment and sustainability to improve the quality of life of the population in remote communities in Brazil.

A Batata Precisa de Você
Regular independent occupation movement and physical transformation of the Largo da Batata with leisure activities, culture and sports.


Our Network

Organizations or movements aligned with the principles of Acupuntura Urbana, that help us spread our beliefs and strengthen an increasingly better city to live, work and play.

Organizations or movements aligned with the principles of Acupuntura Urbana, that help us spread our beliefs and strengthen an increasingly better city to live, work and play.

Escola de Notícias
Social enterprise in the field of communication, education and social mobilization, engaged in the development of communities, using communication as a way to transform the world.

Collective that carries out art projects and design for social change through playful and participatory interventions using recyclable materials.

Design and woodworking focused on the reuse of discarded resources, giving them a new meaning and recycling waste.

Marginal Agents is the collective of Imargem Project, which acts in communities from the southern edge of São Paulo, on the banks of the Billings dam. They act on the basis of environmental preservation area and the lack of assistance from the government, enhancing the art as intervention methodology.

Projeto Zero Dois

Handcrafted woodwork with recycled materials.

Bambu Carbono Zero

Architectural projects in bamboo and supply of material.


Construction of furniture and playgrounds with recycled tires.


Collective that encourages people to take the São Paulo city streets through urban art.


Initiative that aims to bring dance to people with Down Syndrome and disseminate through lectures and workshops Dance Therapy and its importance in the development of the person with intellectual disabilities.

Hey Sampa

Initiative that seeks to encourage the residents of traditional neighborhoods to take care of their own neighborhood, rescuing stories and elements that make up the identity of each community.

Horta Escolar
Agroecology eatable garden construction project in partnership with students and teachers of Adrião Bernardes School in the neighborhood of Bororé Island, São Paulo


The Ecoativa is an eco-cultural center located in Bororé Island on the shores of Billings that promotes access to culture and sustainable practices.


Initiative that encourages people to discover their cities on foot, proposing new paths, public policies, among other tools for prioritization of pedestrian in town.

Movimento 90º

Project that aims to transform the major urban centers by installing Parks and Vertical Gardens.


Vegan cuisine that has the street as a backdrop.

Laboratório da Cidade

Space created to promote changes and underline what stands in up the city: creativity, effervescence and innovation that have made os São Paulo a space of urban encounters and interventions.

Anagrama Art Lab 

Art and design studio that believes in the collective and partnerships as the best way to reach and exceed their goals, as well as those of their clients.

Pimp my Carroça

Movement that questions the indifference of society in relation to the collectors and the fate of countless tons of recyclable materials that are wasted daily, using art as a tool of awareness, engagement and social transformation.


Young cultural movement of the neighborhood Perus, which promotes reflection and stimulates engagement in several controversial and important issues, especially concerning the periphery. The provocations occur through art and interventions such soirees, debates, graffiti, dance, among others.

Casa das Crioulas

Space for swaps, content production and care, especially on issues relating to women, mothers and black culture. Organizes meetings, articulates initiatives and strengthens the cultural movements of the periphery.


Selling electronic accessories via e-commerce, provides equipment and supports us in logistics and transport.


Audiovisual coverage and graphic language production.

Urbanismo Caminhavel
Urbanismo Caminhável is a page that links practices and actions related to the use of cities for pedestrians in an inclusive and democratic manner.



Kallas Construtora e Incorporadora 
Kallas is a builder and developer that seeks to promote, through its projects, a harmonious relationship between people and cities.

Cipasa Urbanismo
Created in 1991, Cipasa is a builder and developer who has developed more than 190 projects in all states of Brazil.


The commitment of Viacom American media company is to improve and achieve a positive social impact on the people and areas served by Viacom, being an umbrella for more than 50 social responsibility initiatives.

O Instituto Europeu de Design is recognized for the innovative and consistent proposal of their courses, covering arts in general, but also promoting space to create creative solutions and debates over the city.

Curb – Empreendimentos e Participações

SIG, producer of long-life packaging, helds in Brazil important actions involving environmental and social issues that seek to contribute to sustainable development of the regions where the company operates.

Escola Pueri Domus
The School seeks to know how to be, how to do, how to live with others and learning how to learn.

Red Bull
In 1987, Red Bull not only launched a completely new product, but also created a new product category – energy drinks. From the first day, Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas, setting new milestones in sports and culture.

Grupo Carrefour
Hypermarkets network number 1 in Europe and the largest food retailer in Brazil. They work so that all activities are carried out respecting the environment, adding value to the company and its employees.



Acupuntura Urbana has strategic support in their institutional development and strengthening of the Business and Social Positive Impact Model. Click below to learn more about each of the organizations and programs that support us.

Edital Redes e Ruas
Promotion of inclusion actions, citizenship and digital culture in São Paulo, through the occupation of public spaces and use of technology. Actions to be developed in telecenters and squares of the program Free WiFi SP in two macro areas of the city. The project was developed during 2015 in partnership with Movimento Boa Praça and Atados.

Red Bull Amaphiko
Social innovation network that provides a collaborative platform for social entrepreneurs who seek to change their part of the world. In Brazil, the program is in its third year and supports 15 entrepreneurs from all over Brazil, offering strategic mentoring and impulse fund for consolidation and maturation of initiatives.