How We Work


Founded in 2013, Acupuntura Urbana is a social business with the mission of transforming public spaces in an active and participative manner, strengthening relationships that stimulate civil society’s protagonism to create a more humane city.

The name says it all: we are agents that change community relationships and cityscapes. We get right to the point! In a systematic and integrated manner we design projects and work with services that promote better living, working, and recreational spaces.

We invite communities, institutions, companies, and the general public to rethink their roles in society. It’s not the end result that matters, it’s the process! To do that, we map out the challenges, needs, and contexts of a space in order to design a common solution that focuses on people and human relationships – solutions that connect citizens, communities, and the city in a fast, concrete, and collective way.


We work on two fronts: Occup-actions and transform-actions of public spaces, always based on collabor-actions. We believe strongly in the power of ACTION! Movement brings more movement; for this our day-to-day work is based on the concept of the Doer (Fazedoria): when we put the hands-on to make it happen and create the cities and the world that we dream, collectively.ocupa ativa colabora