AU Around


We love being in action, but we also like to exchange ideas and inspire people to take charge of the transformation of their own life. During these 7 years, we were part of different events, studies and talks about community mobilization, sustainable cities and social entrepreneurship. Here are some highlights:




WEF TOMAR – During the Women’s World Economic Forum in Portugal, Renata spoke about the “youth tendencies towards a new paradigm”.

TEDx PINHEIROS – At the TEDx with the theme “This is all very Black Mirror,” Renata spoke about Affectionate Connections for Real Transformations, based on her experiences working on the ground. (watch here)




VIRADA SUSTENTÁVEL – At Brazil’s largest event on Sustainability, Renata joined a panel on the Sustainable Development Goals, speaking on the theme “Sustainable Cities: public spaces, a new way of operating”, alongside other initiatives that work to build more active and participatory communities.

NATIONAL EVENT ENACTUS BRASIL – Renata was invited by Red Bull Amaphiko to share AU’s vision, values and ways of making ideas become realities, stimulating college students to engage in concrete actions to transform their territories.




UNIFOR LECTURE CYCLE – Invited by a University from Fortaleza, AU joined a conversation with the architect Carlos Bratke about “Neighborhoods’ functional transformations and how they relate to cities”, sharing our vision of the efficiency of affection, collaboration and hands-on activities.

PATH FESTIVAL – Lecture about Urban Activism at Brazil’s largest festival on innovation, sharing AU’s experience on mobilization, connection and hands-on actions.

ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE BIENNIAL (IABR) – At an event focused on “The next economy”, Andrea was part of the group that spoke about “Hackable Cities: how to hack the current system in favor of a more collaborative city”, sharing experiences with community engagement to build more human cities.




ITAÚ INSIGHTS – Social and creative entrepreneurs from different sectors gave lectures to inspire the employees of one of the biggest banks in Brazil to take action to promote social impact inside and outside of the bank.

ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM INTERNATIONAL FORUM – Renata joined a group that spoke about ways of transforming the city with a more affectionate, hands-on approach at the forum, where the theme was “Future of the Big Cities in Emerging Countries”




TEDx Jardim das Palmeiras – In the beginning of her career as a social entrepreneur, Renata shared her journey of leaving a safe and convenient job to go after the dream of being a full time changemaker.